Eoin Llewelyn will be exhibiting work in the upcoming group show Fragile Welten (Fragile Worlds) at the newly opened Vestjyllands Kunst Pavillion, Videbaek, Denmark. This exhibition is the fourth in a series of four which have toured throughout Denmark during 2012. The exhibitions have been organised by the Berlin-based artist collective Berlin Selected Artists and curated by Uwe Goldenstein.

Other artists featured in the exhibition include Adam Bota, Leo Ferdinando Demetz, Konstantin Déry, Alejandro Rodríguez González, Simone Haack, René Holm, Enda O'Donoghue, J.M.Pozo, Steffi Stangl, Stepanek & Maslin, Attila Szucs, Kinki Texas and Jens Thiele.

Opening: 2nd November at 2.30pm
Exhibition runs from 2nd November to 16th December  
Vestjyllands Kunst Pavillion, Videbaek, Denmark.



A catalogue has been produced to accompany these exhibitions a digital version can be viewed or downloaded here: http://bit.ly/N5B5Y4

ART PAVILION IN VIDEBÆK by Architect: Henning Larsen: http://www.henninglarsen.com/projects/1000-1099/1065-vestjyllands-kunstpavillon-i-videbaek.aspx